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PCT - Time to Thrive
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Progressive Training
We are a small, nurturing provision that tailor learning journey’s to fit the needs of our student. We support students with special education, social and emotional need's to build awareness and develop strategies in order to succeed.
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Angie Saunders
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07940 243144
Course Name
Personal Development with Music Creation
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Course Description
This course is personalised to the student based on their musical aspirations. We deep dive into the Performing Arts Industry, dissecting many roles and the necessary skills and experience required to succeed.

This course is suitable for students with no musical experience as well as the more experienced musician. A variety of musical activities will include music reading, aural, pitch and rhythm awareness, music theory, different genres and performing arts skills.

Students are encouraged to try to participate in an event to bring their creative ideas to life with support of the tutors. This will result in some sort of performance, with a theme or aim which will be

planned and evaluated by the pupils either as a solo or group project, giving them a controlled taste of what the performance industry can entail.

We give the pupils freedom in what they want to achieve within the music performance sector and devise personal plans for them to strive towards practical and academic achievements. These include:

Learning and playing an instrument or percussion, such as piano, guitar, ukulele, steel tongue drums, African Djembe and more!
Music production
Music creation, mixing and djing
Course Unit Breakdown

Y/505/3896 Technical Skills for Music Performance
F/505/3610 Ensemble Music Performance or J/505/3611 Solo Music Performance
D/506/7945 Reviewing and Planning
D/505/4067 Interpersonal Skills
D/506/7949 Planning & Reviewing
F/506/7944 Exploring the Music and Creative Arts Sector
Personal Development

Digital skills - Using multimedia and recording studio software
Personal Budgeting and Managing Money
Healthy Living
Home and Personal Safety
Emotional Intelligence
The Local Community
Assertiveness and Decision Making
Taking Part in an Activity - Musical Performance
Qualification (If Applicable)
Certificate in Music Creation L1 - L2 Award / Certificate in Skills for Employment, Training and Personal Development EL1 - L2
Ofsted Registered
Allard House 38 Moor Street Earlsdon Coventry CV5 6EQ
How to Apply
Daily Rate of £150
Coventry Alternative Provision