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PCT - Time to Thrive
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Progressive Training
We are a small, nurturing provision that tailor learning journey’s to fit the needs of our student. We support students with special education, social and emotional need's to build awareness and develop strategies in order to succeed.
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Angie Saunders
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07940 243144
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Primary Student Personal Development
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Course Description
Children and young people, in particular, are still feeling the effects of public health restrictions during 2020 into 2021. Children missed out on crucial opportunities to experience independence and interactions with their peers. Resulting in an increase of anxiety and an inability for self-regulation; to regulate behaviour, cognition, and emotion to pursue goal directed behaviours.

Children up to 11 years old would normally develop a range of key skills across various areas of their development.

Every student will undertake an initial assessment to ensure they are enrolled onto the right level reading and writing course. For other areas of development, we partner with a consulting occupational health therapist and wellbeing mentor.

Our course provides opportunities for young students to receive intensive support to help restore wellbeing, close developmental and attainment gaps through play and supervised activities.

Course Content

Cognitive Skills: Children will develop their cognitive skills, including critical thinking, problem-solving, logical reasoning, and decision-making. They will be able to analyse information, make connections, and think creatively.

Language and Communication Skills: Children will develop strong language and communication skills, including speaking, listening, reading, and writing. They will be able to express themselves clearly, understand and follow instructions, and comprehend written and spoken language.
Social and Emotional Skills: Children will develop social and emotional skills, including empathy, self-awareness, self-regulation, and relationship-building. They will be able to manage their emotions, cooperate with others, resolve conflicts, and show empathy towards others

Motor Skills: Children will develop both fine motor skills (such as writing, drawing, cutting, and using utensils) and gross motor skills (such as running, jumping, climbing, and throwing). These skills are important for their physical development and overall coordination.

Numeracy Skills: Children will develop numeracy skills, including basic maths concepts such as counting, addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. They will be able to solve simple maths problems and understand the concept of time, measurement, and money.

Information and Technology Skills: Children will develop basic information and technology skills, including using computers, navigating digital devices, and accessing and evaluating information from various sources. They will also understand the importance of digital safety and responsible online behaviour.

Independence and Self-care Skills: Children will develop independence and self-care skills, including dressing themselves, tying shoelaces, managing personal hygiene, and organising their belongings. These skills foster their sense of responsibility and self-sufficiency.
Organisational and Time Management Skills: Children will develop organisational and time management skills, including planning and prioritising tasks, managing
their time effectively, and developing good study habits. These skills are important for academic success and overall productivity.

Creativity and Imagination: Children will develop their creativity and imagination through activities such as art, music, drama, and storytelling. They will be encouraged to express themselves creatively, think outside the box, and explore their interests and talents.

Cultural Awareness and Global Citizenship: Children will develop an understanding and appreciation of different cultures, traditions, and perspectives. They will learn to respect diversity, practice inclusivity, and develop a sense of global citizenship.
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