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Positive Youth Foundation
We’ve been working in Coventry since 1997, offering a range of programmes for young people across the city. We are a registered charity, established with the purpose of supporting young people to achieve their full potential.

The service has a strong strategic representation across a number of policy objectives including health, education and community engagement. We deliver developmental programmes, taking positive approaches to help young people experiencing challenging circumstances move forward in their lives.

Programmes are designed to support young people to thrive, regardless of the challenges they face. Our ethos is based upon a strong shared commitment to reaching young people where they are, building relationships of respect and trust, and supporting young people to succeed.

Embracing influences from the sport, youth work and criminal justice sectors to improve personal, social and community development outcomes, with the purposeful intention to change, rather than simply ‘manage’, young people’s behaviour.
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Krishan Singh
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024 76158550
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Course Description
Positive Youth Foundation (PYF) is excited to introduce our comprehensive Alternative Provision Programme designed to support newly arrived refugee and migrant young people in their journey towards integration, personal development, and skill enhancement. This programme will run once a week from 9.15am to 2:45pm, providing a holistic learning experience that covers essential topics to equip participants for success in various aspects of their lives.

Program Objectives:

The Involved Alternative Provision Programme aims to empower participants by focusing on key areas of development, providing practical skills, knowledge, and tools to navigate their new environment with confidence and competence. The programme will cover a range of topics that contribute to holistic personal and professional growth.

Program Topics:

1. ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages):

Enhance communication skills through English language learning.
Develop vocabulary, speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills.
2. Budgeting:

Teach basic financial literacy.
Understand money management, budget creation, and financial planning.
3. Soft Skills:

Develop essential soft skills for personal and professional success.
Focus on communication, teamwork, adaptability, and problem-solving.
4. Conflict Resolution:

Learn effective strategies to manage and resolve conflicts peacefully.
Build skills in negotiation, active listening, and empathy.
5. Skill Building:

Discover and develop individual strengths and talents.
Explore various skills and interests for personal and career growth.
6. Positive Behaviours:

Promote positive attitudes, behaviours, and ethics.
Encourage respectful communication, responsibility, and community engagement.
7. Mental and Emotional Wellbeing:

Provide tools to manage stress, anxiety, and emotional challenges.
Encourage self-care, self-awareness, and healthy coping mechanisms.
Programme Details:

Duration: Once a week, 9.30am - 3:00pm
Minimum Participants: 5 learners
Programme Benefits:

Empower participants with essential life skills.
Foster cultural integration and community engagement.
Enhance language proficiency and communication abilities.
Boost confidence, self-esteem, and resilience.
Provide a supportive and inclusive learning environment.
Positive Youth Foundation is committed to providing a nurturing and empowering learning experience for newly arrived refugee and migrant young people. We believe that through this comprehensive Alternative Provision Programme, participants will gain the knowledge, skills, and confidence needed to thrive in their new environment and contribute positively to their communities.
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Hillfields Young Peoples Centre, 38 Yardley street, Coventry, CV1 5JN
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Daily Rate of £60
Coventry Alternative Provision