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Positive Youth Foundation
We’ve been working in Coventry since 1997, offering a range of programmes for young people across the city. We are a registered charity, established with the purpose of supporting young people to achieve their full potential.

The service has a strong strategic representation across a number of policy objectives including health, education and community engagement. We deliver developmental programmes, taking positive approaches to help young people experiencing challenging circumstances move forward in their lives.

Programmes are designed to support young people to thrive, regardless of the challenges they face. Our ethos is based upon a strong shared commitment to reaching young people where they are, building relationships of respect and trust, and supporting young people to succeed.

Embracing influences from the sport, youth work and criminal justice sectors to improve personal, social and community development outcomes, with the purposeful intention to change, rather than simply ‘manage’, young people’s behaviour.
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Krishan Singh
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024 76158550
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Personal Development
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Course Description
This is a 1:1 programme for individual young people to support their social and emotional learning so they are able to achieve. It can also address concerns of wider issues that are brought into school settings (e.g. violence, substance misuse, exploitation etc). We offer a bespoke and flexible programme to meet the school and young person’s needs. Provision for the young people to be supported by staff with experience of engaging those furthest removed from services or those disengaged with their school setting, this can include young people who have low school attendance, behaviour issues and those where the risk is too high to place them on school site. Young people will be encouraged to take advantage of PYF’s wider youth offer during the evening and weekends. Please note start times, finish times will be agreed based on the schools needs.
Qualification (If Applicable)
Bespoke qualifications can be added
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday
Ofsted Registered
Hillfields Young peoples Centre Yardley Street CV1 5JN
How to Apply
£45 per hour
Coventry Alternative Provision