The video opens with Ben Thomas sat in front of a Job Shop banner.

[music plays throughout]

Hi my name is Ben Thomas, I'm an Employment Link Officer for Coventry City Council's Job Shop.

[at this point we see an exterior of the front of the Job Shop]

My role is to engage and build positive relationships with employers and partners around Coventry to find roles and positions for the people that come into the Job Shop.

[at this point we see people walking in the city centre, then it flicks to a customer inside the Job Shop looking at information on the screens]

It's a lot more welcoming environment to come into the Job Shop on a day-to-day basis.

[at this point we see a panning shot of staff working inside the Job Shop]

Working with the employers around Coventry, it's great bringing them in to highlight the facilities that we got. We often try and hold events where we encourage our employers to hold events where it's like to meet the employer or speed interviews and because we got these fantastic new facilities, it's a lot easier for the employers to buy into what we're doing.

[at this point we see Ben presenting a workshop to residents]

One word that I would use would be exciting.

The video ends on a final screen with the Coventry City Council logo.

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