The video opens with Pally Samra stood in front of a Job Shop banner.

[music plays throughout]

My name is Pally Samra, I'm an Employment Coach for the Job Shop.

We go out into the community and we cover community centres, libraries and we basically help support residents from all backgrounds and ages, 16 plus into positive destinations.

[at this point we see a couple of panning shot of the city centre]

I think it's really really accessible for a lot more people than before, bearing in mind we're below a shopping centre which is really good and the fact that it's so more open planned and more relaxing and I think people you know really really tuned to it now.

[at this point we see the front of the Job Shop and then a panning shot inside of staff working]

There's a lot of services we can tie in with external as well as internal providers, so there's so much more and offer now to the Coventry residents than ever before.

[at this point we see a cutaway of Pally walking inside the Job Shop]

There's 19 screens outside and inside the shop which promote all our services  internally and externally and we can promote near  enough everything as long as it's linked in to what we already offer.

[at this point we see a customer looking at the screens inside the Job Shop and then it flicks to the screens outside the front of the shop]

One word to describe the Job Shop at this moment in time the brand new one would be is a lot more relaxed.

The video ends on a final screen with the Coventry City Council logo.

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