The video opens with Kiranmayi Mekala sat in front of a Job Shop banner.

[music plays throughout]

Hello, my name is Kiranmayi, so I really like the new Job Shop how they are supporting customers.

[at this point we see the outside of the front of the Job Shop]

They are using new technologies to speed up the process so it's an easy process.

[at this point we see the digital sign in system machines]

So after coming here, the thing is that we just scan the QR code there and we'll go to the PC area to do the job search or CV by ourselves.

[at this point we see Kiranmayi signing in using the QR code and then she walks off to the PC area]

So even I came here for an employment support because I'm initially, I'm jobless for a few months so as an immigrant it's very tough for me to find a job, so Job Shop helped me to find a job.

So, initially I started you know as a volunteer and finally I got a job here itself as a Job Coach. So I started helping people so it's just the way how Employment Coaches, Job Coaches, Managers work together and they'll help us.

[at this point we see Kiranmayi still working on a PC, then she is looking at the screens in the Job Shop]

I really like this experience, how it is working, it's so spacious, it is so quick here when compared to the old Job Shop. The process is very fast and very keen in giving the support.

[at this point we see Kiranmayi in a pod with an Employment Link Officer and then it flicks to the front of the Job Shop]

 I really love the new Job Shop.

The video ends on a final screen with the Coventry City Council logo.

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