The video opens with Oliver Bikar sat in front of a Job Shop banner.

[music plays throughout]

My name's My name is Oliver.

The Job Shop's really supported me. I came in January when really in my job search, I didn't know where else to go and I met the team and they were very supportive, very happy. I learned a lot of stuff from the team.

[at this point we see the front of the Job Shop]

They gave me advice that I never thought would improve my CV, my cover letter.

I've had more interviews than I've ever had.

Going to the Job Shop was really the best decision of my life and yeah I would definitely recommend the Job Shop to other people who are in my situation trying to find work.

[at this point we see another angle of the front of the Job Shop]

I absolutely love the new Job Shop. I think it's much more bigger than the previous Job Shop, much more modern.

[at this point we see staff inside the Job Shop working]

I think the team is the best thing about the Job Shop. There's a very warm, supportive environment.

Everyone's very friendly, very willing to help, they really make you feel valued.

[at this point we see two members of Job Shop staff having a conversation]

I would recommend anyone in, anyone in my situation to come to the Job Shop, they would definitely make a difference.

One word to describe the Job Shop is supportive.

The video ends on a final screen with the Coventry City Council logo.

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