The video opens with Sabika Ali sat in front of a Job Shop banner.

[music plays throughout]

Hi, I'm Sabika Ali here. I have been visiting the Job Shop centre multiple times. It's always been there to figure out and to increase and to better improve my career progression.

[at this point there is a cutaway of people walking through Broadgate in the city centre]

And for this as for my recent experience, I have to say that Job Shop has been truly commendable when they helped me out in finding the job opportunities in relation to Human Resources Management, since this is the degree that I have been carrying so far.

[at this point we see the screens at the front of the Job Shop and then it flicks to staff working inside]

I really had a great chance enriching my interviewing skills with them by attending their various sessions over the years.

By opening their new branch near Marks and Spencer which is more, I think accessible to the common public, and whenever we, whenever we visit this centre, it's always fully furnished with full ambience and people are friendly here, people are very cooperative.

[at this point we see a shot of the city centre where Marks and Spencer can be seen in the background, then it flicks to one of the pods inside the Job Shop, followed by the digital sign in system and two members of staff talking]

The Job Shop representatives are always there to welcome you with a friendly note and their guidance is the best to their capacity that they provide you and this is something I have experienced to the core of my heart.

I was able to open more horizons, I was able to explore more you know job opportunities.

[at this point we see exterior shot of the front of the Job Shop]

Visiting the Job Shop itself has been a wonderful experience and whoever listens to me, whoever watches this video, do come, do visit and explore the best of your potential in Job Shop.

The video ends on a final screen with the Coventry City Council logo.

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