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For over 50 years, we have worked collaboratively with Coventry Schools to develop practice and interventions. We are always looking for ambitions and ideas to help turn into cutting edge programmes.

This unique aspect of our work, undertaken over an extended period of time is possible because of the varied experience in our large team and our ability to work flexibly.

Examples of the sort of work we can offer include:

  • F I TOS - 'Fostering inclusion through circles of strength' is a whole class intervention aimed at increasing pupils' empathy towards children with special educational needs by raising their own awareness of a range of difficulties as well as strengths both in themselves and others
  • Provision management - a whole school approach to interventions that are quote additional to and "different from the teaching appropriate for most children and young people. It supports progress-monitoring, points out over and under provision and is an effective budget - management tool.

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