Coventry North East

Electorate: 73,035

Turnout: 59.7%

Total votes cast: 43,383 

2010 Election Results for Coventry North East
Candidate's Name Party Votes Elected?
Bob Ainsworth Labour Party [The] 21,384 Yes
Russell David Field Liberal Democrat 7,210 No
Chris Forbes UK Independence Party (UK I P) 1,291 No
Tom Gower British National Party 1,863 No
Ron Lebar Christian Movement for Great Britain 434 No
Dave Nellist Socialist Alternative 1,592 No
Hazel Noonan Conservative Party 9,609  No

Rejected votes

  • Want of official Mark: 0
  • Voting for more candidates than entitled to: 57
  • Writing/mark by which voter could be identified: 0
  • Unmarked or wholly void for uncertainty: 123 

Duly elected

Bob Ainsworth

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