A proxy vote allows you to name someone to cast your vote for you (like a relative or close friend). To vote by proxy you will have to apply by completing a proxy application form.

As a proxy, you will either have to either attend the polling station of the person you are voting for, or apply to vote by post, as the proxy. Around election time there are strict deadlines around this.

When you apply you have to provide a reason - such as if you are away on holiday or in hospital. 

The deadline to vote by proxy in a specific election is 5pm, six working days before the election.

If you wish to change from a postal vote to a proxy vote, or to apply to vote by postal proxy, the deadline is 5pm, eleven working days before the election.

What if I want to vote by proxy at more than one election?

If you want a proxy vote for more than one election, you must have one of the following reasons.

  • You have a physical disability
  • You are away from home due to your job or you are on a course
  • You have to travel by air or sea to get to your polling station

In all the above cases, except if you are registered blind, someone has to sign your application and say it is true, like your employer or doctor. After you have applied:

  • The person voting for you must go to your polling station to vote. If they cannot get there they can apply for a postal vote.
  • They will be sent a proxy poll card telling them which polling station they have to go to.
  • You must let them know who you want them to vote for.
  • If you are able to get to the polling station, you can vote as long as they have not already voted for you or applied for a postal vote.

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