Registering to vote - information for the General Election


  • Polls will be open on 4 July from 7am - 10pm.
  • If you are unable to attend the polling station, you can apply to vote by post. Alternatively, you could apply for a proxy vote.
  • Please note that if you apply for a postal vote between now and 5pm on 19 June this will not be despatched until 26 June so if you are going away before that date you would need to appoint a proxy to vote on your behalf. You can do this online
  • If you vote in person at the polling station you will need to show an accepted form of Voter ID you can find more information here. If you do not have an accepted form of Voter ID you can apply for a Voter Authority Certificate
  • Find your polling station.

Key dates for elections on 4 July 2024

  • The deadline for those interested in standing as a candidate is 4pm on 7 June 2024
  • Deadline for new applications to register in time to vote at the above election: Tuesday 18 June 2024
  • Deadline for submitting applications to vote by post at the above election: Wednesday 19 June, 5pm
  • Deadline for submitting applications to vote by proxy at the above election: Wednesday 26 June 5pm
  • Deadline for submitting applications for a voter authority certificate at the above election: Wednesday 26 June 5pm

The easiest way to register to vote is online 

You need to register to vote if you've never registered before, or if your name, address or nationality have changed.

How can I check that I'm registered to vote for the general election?

Poll cards will be sent out for all registered electors from 5 June, if you receive a poll card for this election, you are registered to vote and you don't need to register.

If you don't receive a poll card, you may not be registered. You can call us during office hours on 024 7683 3034 to check if you're registered.

Alternatively, you could email us at - we'll need your full name and current address to check this for you.

What if I'm moving house?

If you move house before 18 June, you should re-register at

If you move house after 18 June, it is too late to change your address before the election on 4 July. You may still be registered at your previous address.


Results will be published as they are declared on 5 July 2024.


If you have a comment or complaint about the City Council's running of the elections, you should refer them to the Council's online complaints form.

If you have a complaint or issue about a candidate, agent or campaigner and you think that electoral malpractice has taken place, you should report the electoral malpractice online.

Electoral Services

Opening hours: Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm (excluding bank holidays)

Address: PO Box 15
Council House
Earl Street

Telephone: 024 7683 3034