• Dippy at the Herbert Art Gallery

    Dippy: The Nation's Favourite Dinosaur

    Fresh from its recent return home to the Natural History Museum, Dippy the Diplodocus (DIP-low-DOCK-us) is stomping into Coventry to remain as dino-in-residence at the Herbert for three years!

    Date: 20th February 2023 - 20th February 2026

  • Tunes on Tuesday

    Weekly disco primarily for people that need support to get out and live their best lives!

    Date: 10th October 2023 - 9th October 2026

  • Over 70s exercise classes

    Weekly exercise classes for over 70s with a fair level of fitness (class takes place on the first floor and there is currently no lift).

    Date: 16th October 2023 - 15th October 2026

  • Coombe Abbey Artisan Market logo

    Artisan Market

    Immerse yourself in a treasure trove of handcrafted goods made by talented local artisans. Discover a wide array of unique arts and crafts, each one meticulously created with passion and skill.

    Date: 10th March 2024 - 8th September 2024

  • Julius Caesar

    Rome 44BC. Egotistical Emperor Julius Caesar is sweating (and it’s not just the heatwave). His liberal Senators are a stabbing pain in the backside.

    Date: 17th June 2024 - 19th June 2024

  • Neighbourhood Creative Day

    Come and find out about some of the creative stuff that happens at The Powerhouse, meet others from our neighbourhood and have a go at some creative activities yourself.

    Date: 22nd June 2024

  • Canley Parade and Big Lunch

    Community event - Canley Parade & Big Lunch. Annual event to bring residents together and celebrate living in Canley

    Date: 22nd June 2024

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