The financial assessment will determine how much if anything you pay towards services or to supplement a direct payment, should you decide to arrange your own services.

The financial assessment

You or your financial representative will be sent a link to the BetterCare online financial assessment form. Guidance and support on how to complete the form is available. In some cases, a financial assessment officer will contact you to arrange a telephone appointment to undertake the financial assessment.

If you are not exempt and have savings above £23,250 you will need to pay our maximum charge for your care service. In addition, you will be charged an administration charge of £262.15 at the start of your care package and an annual charge of £143.00.

If you are not exempt and have savings below £23,250 your assessable weekly income will be calculated. The financial assessment will determine if you need to pay a charge for your care services by subtracting a series of allowances from your assessable weekly income.

Charges for meals and transport are currently charged on a flat rate basis irrespective of savings or income.

Find out if you are likely to have to contribute towards your social care support.

Paying for your care

If you have been assessed to pay a charge towards your care package an invoice will be sent every four weeks. Payment by Direct Debit is the preferred method of payment. You can also make Online payments.

If you miss your entire planned care package due to illness, a hospital stay or holiday you will not be charged for the period of absence. If you pay the maximum charge for home support, you will not be charged for cancelled services, providing you give the required notice.

Direct Payments - paying your assessed charge

If you choose to receive a direct payment you will be expected to pay your assessed contribution into your Direct Payment bank account. We will also pay our contribution into this account.

Appeal process

If you feel your charge is unreasonable, you have the right to appeal. Please contact the Financial Assessments Team for details about the appeals process.

Financial assessments team

Address: PO Box 15
Council House
Earl Street

Telephone: 024 7683 3575