It is a legal requirement to have a documented food safety management system in place. One way to meet this requirement is using the safer food, better business (SFBB) pack.

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) is no longer providing us with copies of the SFBB pack or the diary refill packs. However, there are several ways of obtaining the pack to ensure that you are still complying with the food safety legislation.

You can download the pack or print your own diary pages [] from the Food Standards Agency website. You can also photocopy your own diary pages to make sure you don’t run out.

Ordering and purchasing a safer food, better business (SFBB) pack or diary refill pack

Price List (including postage charge):

  • Catering pack £10.30 (includes 1 month's worth of diary pages) 
  • Retailers pack £10.30 (includes 1 month's worth of diary pages)
  • Chinese cuisine pack £11.20 (includes 1 month's worth of diary pages)
  • Indian cuisine pack £10.05 (includes 1 month's worth of diary pages)
  • Childminders pack £8.20 (includes action sheets - no diary pages required)
  • 12 months worth of diary pages - diary refill pack £4.80 - please note this is in English 

Please note this does not include a folder - the pack can be put in any wipe clean folder. 

Place your order [/saferfoodbetterbusinesspackorder]

You must ensure that the safe methods (the front coloured sections at the front of the pack) are filled in and train your staff on how to use it. You must also ensure that the daily diary section is completed daily. The pack must be kept on site so that it is available for inspection.

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