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Apprentice at laptop in One Friargate

I’ve heard it’s hard to get a job at the Council and I need to already know someone working there?

We don’t quite know why some people still think this, but it couldn’t be further from the truth! As a Council we pride ourselves on having a fair and transparent application process that gives everyone an equal chance to showcase their suitability for roles. Just like our city, our apprentices come from a variety of diverse backgrounds.

What ages are your apprenticeships open to?

All ages. You can start at 16 after finishing Year 11 and there’s no upper age limit.

What are the entry requirements?

These vary by apprenticeship, but as apprenticeships are entry level positions, we keep them to a minimum. We aren’t looking for you to already have lots of experience, you’ll get that on the apprenticeship. We are looking for you to have an interest in the apprenticeship you’re applying for and to have transferrable skills you can use. There are minimum requirements for Maths and English for apprenticeships, these will be listed on the job description for each role. If your application is shortlisted, we will undertake an assessment to see if you are currently working at the right level.

What will I be paid?

Our apprentices start on the apprentice minimum wage and you will receive an increase to the appropriate national minimum wage when you have been in post for 12 months.

When do you advertise?

The majority of our apprenticeships are recruited all year round. However, most of the apprenticeships at our primary schools are recruited to between May and July to start in September.

How long do your apprenticeships last?

This depends on the level of apprenticeship, it can range from 15 months up to two years, some can be up to four years. It will be stated in the job advert as fixed term contract followed by the length of contract.

What level apprenticeship will I study?

The level will be included in the job advert. The type and level of apprenticeship will be related to the role that you will be doing. Our entry level apprenticeships will be at either Level 2 or 3. Apprenticeships can range anywhere from level 2 to level 7 and some of our apprenticeships will also offer you the opportunity to move on to a higher level qualification after completing the first one.

Where do I apply?

All of our apprenticeship vacancies are advertised at

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