We want to ensure any improvements identified by quality assurance and experience approaches are subject to feedback. These are the changes we have made following feedback from different surveys, audits and interviews with people accessing our support


We asked, You said, We did

We asked, You said We did

You have told us from survey responses that people find it hard to find information about Adult Social Care

  • We produced an Adult Social Care Offer which explains what you can expect from Coventry City Council’s Adult Social Care and Support Services
  • We continue to review, update and produce a range of public information leaflets
  • We started to undertake community engagement events which will be held over the course of the year
  • We have reviewed and updated our Adult Social Care web pages so they are easier to navigate and find information 

We have been looking at the demographic profile of those who access social care (the characteristics of people such as age, gender and ethnicity) and wanted to ensure our public information is accessible. 

  • We have translated our adult safeguarding poster into the 6 main languages used in Coventry. These are Polish, Punjabi, Urdu, Arabic, Romanian and Tigrinya.


  • We and the Coventry Safeguarding Adults Board will be translating safeguarding information into Arabic
  • We are looking to increase the availability of ‘easy read’ information. Easy Read is a way of making written information easier to understand. Easy Read documents usually combine short, jargon-free sentences with simple, clear images to help explain the content

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