The woodlands offer a range of walking routes and the main pathways allow easy access for people with disabilities. There are no major slopes, but walking on soft paths can be muddy in the winter and suitable footwear should be worn.

The spring and autumn are good seasons to visit the woodlands when dappled light can create a magical effect. In the spring newly emerged leaves offer a range of shades of green, joined in May by carpets of Bluebells.

Coombe Abbey Park organises many woodland recreational activities throughout the year, ranging from 'Fungus Forays' to 'Tree Trails'. For further details contact the Information Desk on 024 7645 3720.

Other features of interest for visitors include:

  • The Gardens - Remnants of a 40-acre Victorian Garden first developed in 1863.
  • The Wrautums - A belt of conifer trees in a horseshoe shape enveloping a large green open space.
  • Parkland - Picnic areas and Visitor Centre.
  • An Arboretum - Unusual trees including stately redwoods.