People living in Coventry are fortunate to have large areas of woodland in easy access. Many are ancient woods (areas which have been under native tree cover since the year 1600). They are well - established and many have remained unaltered for years. Over the centuries these woods have provided landowners with timber for building, fencing, farm tools and fuel. They were also used as game reserves or as 'pannage' for swine, from which Pig Wood derives its name (see Pig Wood section).

The character of the woods was preserved because as trees were felled, others were planted - hence the name Plants Hill Wood - meaning 'Plantation on the Hill'.

All the woods are a haven for walkers, birdwatchers and wildlife enthusiasts, each wood having a network of paths and rides. Paths take you alongside ponds rich in plankton and insect life; through tree-lined avenues, providing shelter from sun, wind and rain, while nature's minstrels whistle and sing you on your way. However, you must keep a sharp look-out for the woodlands' quieter and shyer creatures, such as wood mice, foxes, squirrels, moles and snakes.

Whatever time of the year it is, you will see things of beauty and interest. Brightly coloured wildflowers in the spring and summer; fleeting butterflies; and many shades of green, gold and brown foliage in the autumn and winter.