Book your Summer Fun activities

Booking just takes a few simple steps:

Step 1: Get ready to book

  • Set up your Coventry City Council My Account. This is the account Coventry residents use for a range of services.  If you have this set up already, that’s great, you won’t need to do this again! If you haven’t set this up, all you need is an email address and a password to set this up. Go to Register now for My Account to do this.  
  • Add your child/young person to the HAF booking system. This is a simple process of adding child’s first name’s details, including their emergency contact details and any additional information the activity providers will need to know. Go to Add a child to my account to do this. There is a video at the bottom of the page which guides you through the process of this. 
  • Know your HAF code. Your HAF code for summer 2022 and future HAF offer is the same as it was for Christmas 2022 and Easter 2022 – so please write this down or save it somewhere. You will have received this in a letter to your home address.  
  • If you don’t know where your HAF code is, fill out our Retrieve my HAF code form and a member of our team will get back to you within three working days. You may also ask at your child’s school who may be able to help. Alternatively, you can drop in to a Library or Family Hub or call 0808 5834 333 where a member of the Council contact team will be able to help.  

Step 2: Understand how HAF credits work

  • Each eligible child has a total of sixteen credits which are used to book activities. Each session booked is worth 1 credit.  Some clubs are open to book one session at a time, whilst others require children to attend every session that week.
  • If you see this key ❶ in a club profile, it means you can book one session at a time.  If you see this key ❹, it means you must book one week at a time and that there are four sessions each week and so one week is four credits.  If you see this key ❺, it means you must book one week at a time and that there are five sessions each week and so one week is 5 credits. Some activities are offered to the whole family and some require parents/carers to attend with children, this is shown in the left-hand column.

Full key 

  • ❶-Coventry experience, book one only, each session is 1 credit
  • ❶ - Book 1 session at a time, each session is 1 credit
  • ❷ - Book 1 week of sessions at time, 2 sessions each week, one week is 2 credits
  • ❸ - Book 1 week of sessions at time, 3 sessions each week, one week is 3 credits
  • ❹ - Book 1 week of sessions at time, 4 sessions each week, one week is 4 credits
  • ❺ - Book 1 week of sessions at time, 5 sessions each week, one week is 5 credits
  • ❽ - Book 2 weeks of sessions at time, 8 sessions in total worth 8 credits
  • ❿ - Book 2 weeks of sessions at time, 10 sessions in total worth 10 credits
  • ⓰ - Book 4 weeks of sessions at a time, 16 sessions in total, worth 16 credits 

Step 3: Decide what to book 

Look through the brochure and consider what activities you would like to do and when you will be available to do them. You can contact providers directly to find out more about activities.

Go to the online search feature – put your postcode into the search feature and you’ll see a map with all the activities. Activities will be listed in order of distance to the postcode you entered into the search feature. 

Step 4: Book activities 

Go to the HAF booking system and log in to your MyAccount by using the Login button

Before you begin screenshot

Press "Make a new booking"

Book a  HAF activity login page

Select a child and then press "Next". 

Select a child page screenshot

Press "Book activity".

Book activity screenshot


Select a club from the list. You can do this by scrolling or typing into the search box at the top. You can search by club, area or age.  

Select a club screenshot

Select the first session you want to book and press Book activity. You can book further activities by repeating this until your child's 16 credits are used up.

Select a session screenshot

When you have added all the sessions you would like, press Submit.

Submit screenshot

Once you’ve booked, you’ll receive a confirmation email 

Step 5: Contact the provider if your child has any additional needs 

Contact the provider to explain what additional support your child may need, to see how they can help and to discuss anything further information they may need to help make sure the experience is as smooth as possible for you and your family.  

Step 6: Turn up and enjoy! 

Once you’re all booked up, make a note of the date, time and place for the activities and turn up and enjoy the activities. 

Step 7: Give feedback 

We appreciate feedback on HAF activities, so we know what’s going well and what could be improved. Give feedback after your son/daughter has completed activities. 

Other information about activities 

What if my child/young person can’t attend the activity? 

We understand that there may be exceptional circumstances where your child/young person can’t attend the activity booked onto. If this is the case, please cancel your booking. This will enable you to have this credit back and enable another child/young person to take up the offer. 

Coventry Holiday Activities and Food Programme