Depending on your circumstances there are different referral routes within the Council to help you if you’re a young person or care leaver who is at risk of becoming homeless.

Care leavers and Looked After Children

If you are a Care Leaver who is threatened with or made homeless between the ages of 18-25, get in contact with your Personal Advisor. They may liaise with the Homelessness Advice Service via Duty to Refer.

Under 18s not in care

If you approach the Homelessness Service and are under 18 and have never been in care we may refer you to the Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH) who will ensure that you get access to the relevant services and accommodation. You can also contact MASH directly on 024 7678 8555.

Being asked to leave by a friend or family member?

The Homelessness Advice Service may be able to help you remain in the property by negotiating with your friends or family members. We may also arrange for a visiting officer to visit your home and speak with your friends or family about remaining there short term, whilst we work with you to find somewhere else to live.

Other organisations that can help

Advice Services Coventry lists the different agencies in the city that work together to offer free, independent advice and information.
The YMCA Coventry & Warwickshire provides support, advice and accommodation for young people aged 16-25 who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. You can access the service by calling 024 7699 5214.
Valley House has a range of services for people aged 16-29. They have specialised accommodation for those affected by domestic violence as well as young parents. For more information call 024 7626 6280.

How do I get more help from the Council?

If you are at risk of becoming homeless, tell us as soon as you can by registering with us.

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Homelessness Advice Service

If you are homeless and have nowhere safe to stay tonight, you can contact our emergency assessment team on 024 7683 4025. For out of hours emergencies, please call 024 7683 2222. Please email us for all general enquiries.

Telephone: 024 7683 4025