Author: Zohra Nabi
Illustrator: Tom Clohosy Cole
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
ISBN: 9781398517707

About the book

When Yara's mother passes away, she leaves behind a letter and a strange set of instructions. Yara must travel from the home she has always known to a place that is not on any map - Zehaira, a world of sorcerers, alchemists and simmering magic. However, Zehaira is not the land it used to be. The practice of magic has been outlawed, the Sultan's alchemists are plotting a sinister scheme - and the answers Yara is searching for seem to be out of reach. Yara must summon all her courage to discover the truth about her mother's past and her own identity . . . and to find her place in this magical new world.

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This is the author’s first book.

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