Author: Helena Duggan
Publisher: Usbourne
ISBN: 9781474991094

About the book

Who would you trust to save the world...a boy or a billionaire? Ever since a huge earthquake shifted the earth on its axis in an event known as ‘the tilt,’ the world has been getting darker and a huge blot has appeared on the sun. Howard Hansom, the billionaire tech innovator, has a plan. He just needs the help of ordinary people to put it into action. Then Grian’s sister runs away to Hansom’s new city, forcing Grian to go after her, together with two new friends Jeffrey and Shelli. The more they see of how the city works, and the better they get to know the real Hansom, the more alarming it is. Was Grian’s grandpa, a tilt denier, right all along and what can they do to alert everyone else to what’s really going on? 


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