Safeguarding support

Safeguarding information and resources

The Hospital Education Service is committed to supporting the mental health and wellbeing of all students and staff members.  We recognise the vulnerability of the pupils that attend our service due to barriers to their physical and mental health. At our school we have an open door policy whereby there is always a trusted adult for your child to speak to. Pupils can also use the ‘Report a Concern’ button on both our Website and Pupil SharePoint homepage to trigger a response from the School Safeguarding Team. 

As a school we believe that safeguarding is not only about protecting children and young people from abuse and neglect but also their families too. It is our intention therefore to support families by signposting them to services that may assist families when they are facing difficulties themselves. 

You can find out more information about our school's response to child protection and safeguarding via our policy

Hospital Education Service contacts for safeguarding concerns 

  • Designated Safeguarding Lead – Mrs S Cutler
  • Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead – Miss Griffin
  • Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead – Mr Takolia

Telephone: 024 7633 7734

Below you will find lots of resources and links to support positive mental health and wellbeing.  We will keep adding to these resources, so do check back regularly.

Operation Encompass 

In conjunction with Coventry Police, our school is involved in a national initiative called “Operation Encompass”.  The purpose of Operation Encompass is to safeguard and support children and young people who have been involved in, heard or witnessed a domestic abuse incident.

Following an incident, children will often arrive at school distressed, upset, worried and unprepared.  Operation Encompass aims to ensure that appropriate school staff are made aware early enough to help and support children and young people in a way that means they feel safe and included.

This is a valuable initiative that means we can help and support students and their families within our school when they need us most.

Prevent extremism 

At HES we are committed to preventing extremism and radicalisation to keep our pupils safe. Over the last few years, global events have led to a growth of extremist viewpoints, including advocacy of violent extremism. Schools have an important part to play in both educating children and young people about extremism and recognising when pupils start to become radicalised. Recently the Government launched an ‘Educate Against Hate’ website designed to provide practical advice for schools, parents and students about tackling extremism and radicalisation.

Below you will find a selection of resources which contain important guidance for parents designed to support you.

Parent links