Goals-based outcomes

What are goals-based outcomes?

Goals-based outcomes (GBOs) are a way for us to measure how students are progressing and the effectiveness of our support. They are used in lots of different types of settings, and they are particularly useful in settings that are change-focused and goal-orientated, just like our service here at the Hospital Education Service. We want to explore the changes that are most important to students and how far they have moved towards reaching a goal that has been set.

How are GBOs run?

  • Weekly on a 1:1 basis – you will have a timetabled specific slot
  • In your first session you will complete a questionnaire and then use your answers to identify a target for that half term.
  • Meetings take place with our school SEMH Lead and SEMH Coach

Who decides my goals?

Students do, with support from a member of our school SEMH team. By completing a short questionnaire, students are able to talk about their hopes for the future and discuss what is important – we want to know how we can help students to achieve their goals. Targets will be based on what you they would like to change or be different. 

Sometimes students might find it quite easy to set goals and sometimes they might need a bit of help shaping a goal to make sure it’s doable. Each goal should be something that can be agreed on (this might take a bit of discussion) but the goal should always feel like it's achievable!

Once a goal is agreed, we will make a note of it on the progress chart.

How many goals will be set?

Students will set and work towards one goal each half term. Too many goals at once can be distracting; trying to do everything might mean you struggle to focus on what you want to achieve.

How will I know I have achieved my goal?  

Once we understand the goals that have been set, the next step is to explore some of the ways students might get there. There will be a choice of things that might help and the SEMH team will work with you to support. 

It can help to rate how close or how far away from a goal you are. Each week, you will score the progress you feel you have made towards your goal. We use a scale of 1-10 and make a note of this on your progress chart.

The important thing to remember is that reaching a goal can be hard and lots of people won’t get there straight away – don’t put yourself under pressure to get 10 /10 straight away! Keeping a record can help in tricky times to remind you what you have already achieved. And, if things don’t work out the first time, we will find another way to work towards that goal.

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