Key Stages 3-4

Whitmore Park Annexe is a small Pupil Referral Unit which offers a bridge to individuals on Home Tuition to experience small group tuition in a classroom setting again. This allows students to rediscover social situations and experience classroom routines again. We offer three distinct curriculum pathways at Whitmore Park Annexe:

  • RESPIRE: 1:1 or 1:2 teaching on a bespoke part-time timetable
  • INSPIRE: a full-time foundation curriculum offer for students with KS3 age/stage related expectations
  • ASPIRE: a full-time academic curriculum offer for students.

All pupils accessing the Hospital Education Service via Whitmore Park Annexe or 1:1 will be offered Enrichment, Careers Programme and host of Character Development opportunities. 

The Pod - All Key Stages

On-site at Whitmore Park Annexe we have now installed a new POD classroom facility for 1:1 tuition. The POD is equipped with two learning classrooms allowing pupils to access lessons with a tutor and have access to IT technology and other exciting learning resources.