Enforcement actions

Updated: 10 July 2024

Below you can view our data for Housing Enforcement Action. We aim to update this data on or shortly after the first working day of each month.

Enforcement Action
Enforcement Actions 2023-24 2024-2025
Number of inspections carried out 7


Number of complaints received 6 3
Cat 1's identified 10 19
Cat 2's identified etc. 8 32
Top 3 hazards identified
  1. Excess cold
  2. Damp & Mould
  3. Fire
  1. Excess Cold
  2. Damp & Mould
  3. Falls on Stairs
Number of improvement notices served - 17
Number of smoke and carbon Monoxide notices served - 1
Number of Produce Electrical Installation and Condition Report (EICR) Notices Served - 12
Number of EICR Remedial notices served - 1

Information regarding Houses of Multiple Occupancy and Housing Enforcement policies and procedures.

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