Land ownership

Council land ownership enquiries

The Property Asset Management team manage our land ownership records. If you need to establish whether we own a piece of land please e-mail [email protected]

General land ownership enquiries

However, if you have a general land ownership query please contact:

Land Registry

Land Registry, 
Telephone: 0300 006 0411

Easement and Wayleave agreement application

In July 2015 Coventry City Council changed the way it processes wayleave & easement applications, moving to an online system.

How do I apply?
New wayleave and easement applications must now be made online through the following link: online form to submit your easement/wayleave agreement application.
New applications are subject to a £100 administration fee in order for the Council to review the online application.

What is the process?
For wayleave agreements, once the Council has had the opportunity to review the online application a decision will be made as to whether the wayleave agreement is handled in-house or outsourced to the Council’s Land Agents.
Standard wayleave agreements will be handled in-house and subject to the following charges: 

  • Administration fee of £100
  • One-off wayleave fee of £600
  • Legal Fees of £300.
  • Total wayleave charge of £1000.

Are all wayleaves/easements standard?
There may be individual cases where due to the specific details or complex nature of the application the wayleave application cannot be treated as a standard wayleave application. In such cases an increased wayleave fee and legal fee will be applied.
Once the proposed route has been agreed, the Council’s Legal Services team will be instructed to prepare the wayleave document for your consideration.  

Please use our online form to submit your easement/wayleave agreement application. If you need help or want to discuss the contents of the form, please email [email protected].

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