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How are the Book Awards organised?

Welcome to the 15th year of the Coventry Inspiration Book Awards. There are five categories of books to choose from for children and young people aged 4 to 18. Each category has 8 books to read and enjoy. You can comment on the books you have read and vote for your favourite one.

The books were shortlisted by a panel of specialist children’s librarians and teachers and reflect a wide range of genres and styles. For every book, you will find links to the authors and publishers websites as well as a list of recommended reads so if you like a particular book you can see if there are similar books you might like to try. If you would like to order your sets of books then please download the order forms and return them to SLS or just email [email protected].

The 2021 Awards launched in November 2020 and the Big Brother style voting was due to begin in February 2021. 

Due to the current lockdown and closure of schools, we have decided to change the dates of the evictions to the summer term to give more children and young people a chance to take part.

The first eviction will be on Monday 26th April and subsequently one book will be knocked out each week in each category until we reach the final three books on Monday 24 May. You then have 16 days to vote for you winning books which will be announced on the website and on social media on Wednesday 9th June. 

Why take part in the Coventry Inspiration Book Awards?

Research shows that Reading for Pleasure not only improves all-round attainment in school including in maths but also increases empathy skills and improves mental wellbeing. Ofsted are now starting to recognise the importance of Reading for Pleasure being at the heart of a school’s literacy policy and recent inspection reports have highlighted this change in focus.

The Coventry Inspiration Book Awards are the ideal way to get more of your students to read for pleasure. But don't take our word for it, here are some of the comments made by students who took part in the Book Awards last year. 

Book Awards has drawn me more into reading
The book awards have encouraged me to
The Book Awards are a great way to find new books to read
Every book was amazing and has inspired me to read
I loved the quiz because of the excitement and the books were amazing!

Each of the carefully selected shortlists have been tailored to the specific needs of each of the targeted age groups and cover a wide range of genres and styles to help children find the right book for them. Taking part in the Book Awards is about more than just reading and voting for the books. It’s about being part of a wider reading community across the city. The 2 competitions (Hooked on Books quiz and the video book trailer competition) we run as part of the Book Awards are part of this as is the Celebration Event held at the end of June when we invite all of the winning authors and illustrators to come along and receive their awards from the children who have been voting for their books.

If you want to see how taking part in the Book Awards across your school can engage pupils in reading for pleasure then please watch the Celebration video from last year's Book Awards where you can see how Cannon Park Primary school used the Coventry Inspiration Book Awards to inspire all of their children to read and enjoy books and the impact it has had on the reading culture in the school. 

Coven Tree Reading Journey 

This year we are continuing to extend the reach of the Book Awards but offering schools the option of including the Coven Tree Reading Journey. This package is designed to give your school everything needed for your students to explore different types of books and encourage reading for pleasure. Each of the shortlisted books from the Book Awards on the trunk of the tree has 3 additional books ‘branching’ off it that are similar in style, or genre or both. The student first reads some of the shortlisted titles from the Book Awards. They then select one of the books that they enjoyed and try reading one of the suggested extension books. For every book they read they are rewarded with a sticker which they add to their tree. The more stickers they receive the greater their reward. For more detailed information about how this scheme works, the benefits to your school, how it ties in with existing literacy programmes and the costs.

Download the order forms

If you would like to discuss it further or require more information then please contact [email protected]

Hooked on Books Quiz

Our popular hooked on books quiz has run for the last 3 years with teams from Primary and Secondary schools pitted against each other. The quiz has themed rounds of questions on the Hooked on Books shortlist, so the more you have read the better your chances! It is always a fun afternoon with lots of great book prizes and goody bags to be won. Last year the winning teams were all from our Primary schools so this year the Secondary schools were determined to pull out all the stops. Unfortunately due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are unable to run the quiz in the same way this year. However, due to many requests from schools that we keep this fun competition open this year we have decided to seek a different way of running it. We will send out the same set of quiz questions to all schools who have bought this year's Hooked on Books shortlist so that they can run it in their own school during the same week (23rd April - 30th April). Schools can so it with teams, individuals, online or in-person, depending on what works in their school. Then if schools would like to be part of an inter-school competition they can submit their highest score to SLS by Friday 30th April. SLS will then announce the winning school (or schools) on the CIBA website and a fabulous book prize will be sent out to the school for them to share with their students. If you would like to take part in this then please contact [email protected] to register your interest and if you haven't yet ordered your shortlist books there is still time to do so. 

2020 celebration event

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic we were unfortunately not able to have our usual celebration event. It is always a fun afternoon with many of the participating schools bringing groups of students along to meet the winning authors and hear from fellow pupils as to why they loved the book. However, we weren't going to let a global pandemic get in the way of us sharing the joy that the children, young people, teachers, librarians, authors and illustrators have had over the last year while taking part in the Book Awards. Therefore we created a virtual celebration event which could be watched and shared by everyone whether they were at home or in school.

Video Book Trailer Competition

This year unfortunately due to the Covid-19 restrictions we won't be able to run the video book trailer. We hope that we can reinstate this competition in future years. To see what this competition normally inspires students to do please see below the winning trailers (joint) from last year's competition created by the Year 7 and Year 8 Book Group from Sidney Stringer Academy. 

Poster and bookmarks

The new posters and bookmarks for the CIBA 2021 awards will be sent out to all schools soon but they are available to download if you wish to print more yourself. We also have the CIBA logo available and the shortlists so you can if you wish print them off and make your own Coventry Inspiration Book Awards display in your library or classroom.  

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