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FGM in Coventry

Fgm app

In 2013 Coventry became the first the authority in the UK to support a full council motion to condemn the practice of FGM.

An in-depth report was developed that identified the prevalence of FGM in Coventry which included recommendations to eradicate the practice.

In November 2014, Coventry hosted a conference to raise awareness of FGM amongst health and social care professionals. Over 300 people from across the UK attended. 

Petals - the UK's first FGM web app

The app gives advice on how to get support and deal with FGM. It can also be used by people who want to find out more about Female Genital Mutilation and how it might affect them and others they may know.  

Download the Petals app

Petals for Professionals 

Petals for Professionals is a new online resource which explains the legal responsibilities of professionals and provides information on where to get further help and advice.

Download the Petals for Professionals app

FGM - it stops with me - watch our video

Find out how Coventry is tackling the issue of FGM

The Pledge

Over 30 senior officers and council leaders have signed a pledge to commit themselves and their organisations to end female genital mutilation in Coventry through supporting culture change, protecting girls at risk, supporting women affected by FGM, supporting communities to oppose the practice, raising awareness and supporting the law.

Individual and organisational pledges have also been designed to enable everyone to commit to ending FGM in Coventry.

FGM Safeguarding Risk Assessment Tool

Download the FGM Safeguarding Risk Assessment Tool.

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