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Gatherings at CV5

Food union  - performer 2

Our Food Union allotment is open to our members every Tuesday (2pm - 5pm) and Thursday (4pm - 7pm) for our weekly working session where we maintain the allotment as well as discuss and share knowledge about gardening. In doing so we hope to create a city-wide community garden with a focus on nurturing and exchanging creativity, skills and assets. No experience in gardening is necessary to attend growing sessions but all newcomers will need to fill out a short application form and be given an introduction tour of the garden.

We also host events, gatherings and working parties at least once a month on our site. These events are open to everyone and are an opportunity for anyone who is interested in the work we do to visit the site, get involved and hopefully join Food Union and continue growing with us. Food is provided by The Pod Cafe and based on the theme of the gathering you can usually expect a musical treat or performance piece as we gather round our bonfire to relax after an afternoons work. We play host to some fantastically talented performers on our site and previous artists to join us include Nina HarriesSam Lee, Alix VillanuevaThe Green Man, Daria Kulesh and Veronika Rauchfussova

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