Performance licences for children

Child Performance Licence and chaperones

Performance licence

A child performance licence must be obtained if a child under compulsory school leaving age (from birth up to the end of the school year that the child turns 16 years old) takes part in a public performance or activity or if any of the following apply:

  • They will be absent from school (the absence is to be authorised by the child’s Headteacher).
  • An audience is paying to watch the performance.
  • The child is being paid for the performance or someone else is receiving payment for the child’s performance.
  • The child will perform on more than 4 days in 6 month period.
  • The child is participating in paid sporting activities.
  • The child is participating in modelling work, including photography sessions, fashion shoes or catwalk shows.


A child does not require a performance licence when:

  • The child is required to perform for one day and, in the 6 months preceding that performance, the child has not exceeded the 3 day unlicensed exemption period (a child can possibly perform for 4 days in a 6 month period without the need for a licence).
  • The child does not require any time off school (paid or unpaid).
  • The performance is under arrangements made with School or a Body of Persons (Body of Persons exemptions can be granted by a Local Education Authority of Secretary of State if certain criteria are met).
  • No payment is made to the child or any other person (except for expenses).


Children must be in the care of either their parent (the child’s legal guardian) or an approved Chaperone at all times.

Please note, grandparents, uncles, childminders etc., are not legal guardians (unless they are recognised by the courts) and therefore need to be approved in order to be the Chaperone. Parents, unless they are an approved Chaperone, cannot be responsible for children other than their own.

Please download and complete the Chaperone application form. Once this has been received we will contact applicants with further instructions, this will include a DBS check and attendance at a chaperone briefing.

Once approved a Chaperone licence is valid for 3 years.


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