Looked after children support

If you are looked after by Coventry City Council

Coventry Social Care tries to make sure that as far as possible families stay together.  However, sometimes this is not possible because of family problems or other reasons and this may mean you need to become 'looked after' by the Council.

We understand that living away from home isn't easy, especially if you have never done it before. So it's normal to feel anxious or worried or maybe a bit scared. When you become 'looked after' a care plan will be written and this will involve all the people who will be looking after you and you will also be able to have your say.

If you have to go and live with foster carers or a children's home, it will take time getting used to it and whoever you live with needs to get used to having someone new living with them. So everyone has a part to play in making things work.

What you want makes a huge difference. We know that if you want your placement to work, then it's more likely to be successful for you if you talk to those who could help. This may be your carer, social worker or advocate. We can't always fix everything but if you are positive and talk about things regularly, with any of the above, this will help.

If you are a looked after child this doesn't mean that you love your own family or friends any less. Although living away from home can be hard, sometimes it is just as hard when the time comes for you to leave you carer(s). You may be moving to a new placement or moving back in with your own family. This is another change to cope with which can be difficult. Remember the end of a placement doesn't always mean the end of a relationship. Talk to your carers and your social worker about what will happen and about maybe keeping in touch with anyone who has looked after you.

Social Care Neighbourhood Offices

If you would like to talk to someone or want some advice, please contact your nearest Social Care Neighbourhood office.

Out of hours - emergency services

An out of hours service is available for emergencies after 5pm Monday - Thursday and after 4.30 pm Friday and over the weekend by telephoning: 024 7683 2222.

Children's social care office - North West (Coundon)

Tel: 024 7678 5570

Children's Social Care Office
Moseley Avenue

Children's social care office - South (Willenhall)

Tel: 024 7678 5572

Children's Social Care Office - South
Stretton Avenue

Children's social care office - North East (Wood End and Foleshill)

Tel: 024 7678 5568

1st floor
Moathouse Neighbourhood and Leisure Centre
1 Winston Avenue

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