Housing Benefit overpayments

Enforcement action which could be taken against you

The following recovery actions could be taken against you should you fail to make payment or contact the Housing Benefit Overpayment Team to discuss an Arrangement:

  •  Issue your Employer with a Direct Earnings Attachment Order (DEA)

A deduction of up to 20% will be taken from your net wage. This will depend on what you earn and no court action is required to obtain this.

  • Apply to the County Court for a Tribunal Award or County Court Judgment (CCJ)

If a Tribunal Award is granted this may lead to Bankruptcy Proceedings against you or an application for a Charging Order being obtained against your property.

A Tribunal Award may affect your future credit rating and costs incurred added to the amount you owe.

  • Obtain an Attachment of Benefit Order

A deduction will be taken from another benefit which you receive, for example Jobseeker's Allowance.

  • Pass your account to our external Enforcement Agents, formally known as Bailiffs.

    All costs incurred will be added to the amount you owe.

This is a serious matter and should not be ignored; you must give this your immediate attention by contacting the Housing Benefit Overpayment Team.

If you are experiencing severe financial difficulties, please see details of agencies that can offer advice.

Housing Benefit Overpayment Team

Tel: 024 7683 4098

Revenues and Benefits
Coventry City Council
PO Box 15
Council House

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