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Working carers

Over three million people in the UK combine work with caring responsibilities. It is important that working carers know about their rights at work and seek support where necessary. Many employers will have family friendly policies and carers have rights to request flexible working to help them balance their work/home life.

Your rights at work

Find out what support your employer offers family carers. See what company policies are in place and what support might be available to you in your place of work. Speak to your line manager or Human Resources department.

Read some of the guidance available nationally so that you are aware of your rights. Here are some examples.

  • Carers UK also have a Careers and Work section on their website with a range of guidance for working carers, those wishing to get back to work and those carers thinking of leaving work
  • Carers UK also produce a Carers Rights Guide which has a section focussing on employment.
  • Skills for Care produced the guide Balancing work and care - a carer's guide which sets out basic information about carers at work including how your employer might be able to help you, your legal rights at work, information about the business benefits of supporting working carers which you could pass on to your employer and information about practical help with caring. They also produced a guide for employers: Carers in your workforce matter - A guide for employers.

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