Upper Precinct with people

Public Wi-Fi

Coventry has a free to use public Wi-Fi system which covers the city centre high footfall areas as well as the War Memorial Park. This network has commercial potential for advertising and sponsorship and the service may benefit from additional investment to make a more reliable and higher performing experience.

Footfall system

Coventry has a footfall system covering the main areas of the city centre. The solution utilises extrapolation and mobile phone data to estimate footfall. This system could be replaced with a more granular solution which would provide a more accurate data set. This could have commercial possibilities as it would be of interest to new retail and development projects as well as helping with events and measuring success of new policy initiatives. This system could potentially be combined in the future with the Wi-Fi system.

Internet of Things (IOT)

Coventry has usage of a powerful IOT network covering the whole city. This network was implemented in partnership with Severn Trent Water and can be leveraged to deliver multiple use cases and innovations with no additional revenue cost.

Small cells

Coventry is one of the leading locations for the deployment of small cells technology on street columns to deliver the mobile network. Agreements are in place with Freshwave and BT to provide this capability and this is expected to further expand to improve the capacity and coverage of the mobile network.

Fibre deployment

The combination of City Fibre, Virgin Media and OpenReach has ensured that Coventry is amazingly well connected with Gigabit capable fibre connectivity. The latest figures confirm that Coventry is close to becoming the best fibre connected city in the UK. This connectivity is already being used to improve the CCTV and traffic signalling network as well as enabling residents and local businesses to experience fast and reliable connectivity.

Midlands Future Mobility (MFM)

Coventry is a key part of MFM innovation project. MFM brings together leading organisations from the automotive, transport, communications, infrastructure and research sectors in creating an extensive connected platform for the development of future Connected and Automated Mobility (CAM) solutions. There is a 200+ km network of roads, many of which pass through Coventry, with an associated sensor network that can provide a rich data set for those who wish to use the service.