Transport Innovation is our city's specialism. With a variety of exciting projects in the pipeline, we welcome investors & innovators across the sector. 

Coventry Very Light Rail

Coventry Very Light Rail vehicle on track

Coventry Very Light Rail (CVLR) is an emerging and exciting initiative being spearheaded by Coventry City Council to deliver an innovative and affordable new mass transit solution for enhanced urban connectivity.

CVLR will fill a gap in the public transport market that will integrate with buses and other modes to create a seamless door to door experience.

Our growing city aims to continue to meet environmental and financial sustainability needs when it comes to integrated mass transit transport systems that are capable of supporting urban and economic development. CVLR provides a solution that is comfortable, efficient, reliable and low cost, while increasing social mobility and inclusivity, while helping to improve air quality and decarbonising transport.

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Investment opportunity

  • development and operation of the Coventry Very Light Rail network
  • marketing, development and operation in the UK and international market
  • further R&D to evolve the technology

There is an opportunity for delivery or investment partners to support the delivery of the first Coventry route(s).

But Coventry Very Light Rail has also attracted interest from across Europe and internationally. Geographic specific licences could be monetised to interested parties for exclusivity within specific regions.

The Track-form and vehicle have extensive unique features for which Coventry City Council have IP protection and numerous Patents granted and pending in the UK, USA, Europe EPO and Canada.

The IP valuation could be influenced by supply chain commitments supporting the local economy and UK build commitments. Potentially royalty payments could be obtained for use of components or integrated system outside the West Midlands area.

  • Planning Status: First Stage February 2024
  • Promoter: Coventry City Council
  • Investment Type: Model to suit
  • Scale/Value: £1m - £375m
  • SectorPublic Transport
  • Timeline: 2024 - 2027
  • Lead: Public/ Private: Public

City Linking Energy and Network Hub (CLEAN Hub)

Clean Linking Energy and Network Hub (CLEAN Hub) will bring together public and private sector innovation to drive new thinking and support the decarbonisation of transport.

It will provide a place to quickly recharge electric vehicles, offering park-and-ride bus connections allowing commuters and visitors to travel into Coventry without contributing to urban road traffic. In the future, these public transport connections will be served by electric and hydrogen buses and ultimately by Coventry Very Light Rail.

The site will enable solar panels and small-scale wind turbines to be used to generate zero carbon electricity, supported by the installation of batteries to store energy, ensuring it is available when needed. In the future the CLEAN Hub could connect the city's first solar farm, and as the technology develops, the site will also be an ideal hub for autonomous passenger and goods vehicles and it will be home to a freight consolidation centre, adding efficiency to last-mile logistics.

CLEAN Hub has several aspects that would be attractive to investors including Motorway Service Area operators, EV charge point providers / multi-fuel hub / energy providers, public transport companies and retailers.

Urban Air Mobility

Urban airport

Vertiports / Flight Paths for Beyond Line of Sight Flights (BVLOS)

An innovative infrastructure service for future air mobility. Fast deployable, ultra-compact multi-functional air hub system for a range of facilities such as aircraft command / control centre, charging / refuelling systems for EVs, cargo and passenger loading and, mission specific facilities. Some of the operations also include delivery, either medicinal or parcel deliveries which opens a huge window for either engagement opportunities with other industries allowing for the further development of Passenger Carrying Urban Drones.

Following the success of the Air One Urban Airport demonstration in Coventry in April 2021, the plan is to deliver over 200 vertiports across the world within the next 5 years which would help reduce air pollution and congestion.

It offers investment opportunity for organisations operating in this field, or to investors seeking innovation projects.

Ultra-fast Charging Hubs/ Green Innovation Park

Coventry City Council is working with a number of partners to unleash the potential of ultra-fast charging hubs across the city.

These state-of-the-art facilities would provide volume charging facilities for all types of electric vehicles as well as developing options for multi-fuel hubs including hydrogen and gas. This work is at the cutting edge of transport innovation and green technology and there are opportunities for associated facilities and SME research hubs as well as energy generation and supply opportunities.

Green Innovation Park has several aspects that would be attractive to investors including Motorway Service Area operators, EV charge point providers / multi-fuel hub / energy providers, public transport companies and retailers.

City Centre Circuit

City Centre Circuit

Coventry has a proud history of hosting events including half marathons, cycle events and the annual MotoFest, one of the UK's largest motoring festivals during which sections of the city's ring road are re-purposed as a racetrack.

MotoFest attracts around 200,000 people over a weekend and is a major draw for visitors to the city, including those involved in the motorsports industry. 

This could be extended to become a more formal street-racing circuit within the city centre that could host a range of motor, e-car racing, and cycle events. A feasibility study has shown that a circuit could be constructed to create a FIA G3 road course and FIA 6R rally cross course. The road course is only two steps below the top tier of motorsport and could bring high quality professional motor and e-car racing (up to formula E) to Coventry City Centre. There could also be the opportunity to link the track circuit with an innovation hub and use the circuit to demonstrate new technologies.

Project Skyway

Coventry is a key part of Project Skyway - the world's largest and longest network of drone superhighways to be built in the UK.

This is part of an InnovateUK programme which aims to support business growth through the development and commercialisation of new products, processes, and services. The group will build and develop 165 miles (265km) of ‘drone superhighways’ connecting airspace above Reading, Oxford, Milton Keynes, Cambridge, Coventry and Rugby over the next two years. Complementing this initiative, Coventry has also entered a strategic partnership with a local Drone specialist, Skyfarer, that will provide a number of services including logistics and surveys more efficiently than traditional methods.

It offers investment opportunity for organisations operating in this field, or to investors seeking innovation projects.