Applying for an exotic, dangerous or wild animal licence

Anyone who wishes to keep and house a dangerous wild animal must have a licence. Zoos, pet shops and circuses are exempt from this type of licence as these types of premises require separate licensing conditions (see zoo licensing). Coventry City Council advises applicants to discuss their need for a licence prior to completing an application with a member of the Animal Welfare team.

Please contact us via email, Please do not call us - our phone is for live incidents only (such as stray dogs) and you will be asked to send an email instead, please be patient and a Dog Enforcement Officer will respond to your email. 


The costs of a new exotic, dangerous or wild animal licence is £438.00.

This is an annual licence which expires a year from the date the licence is issued.

Further information and legislation

Coventry Dog Wardens

Our telephone number is for live incidents only, such as stray dogs.

Telephone: 07976 736957