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Light pollution

We can investigate light nuisance complaints where the light nuisance is severe - for example preventing you from sleeping. We cannot take action if normal levels of artificial light shine on to your property.

Before you report a complaint against your neighbour, you should speak to them as they might not know they are causing a problem. You could ask them to:

  • move or partially shade the light
  • fit an infra red sensor
  • use a lower wattage bulb as they are much cheaper and far more efficient.

If your neighbour will not take action, you can report the problem to the Environmental Protection Team or you can report the problem using our online form.

An officer will contact you and arrange for an out of hours officer to visit you to see the problem.

If a statutory nuisance is found, the offender will be issued with a formal notice telling them to take action. If they fail to take action they may face prosecution.

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