Coventry Market Traders' Code of Conduct

The purpose of this Code of Conduct is to protect and enhance the Retail Market's reputation as a vibrant, attractive and safe environment for the shopping public, traders and employees of the market. The Code is endorsed and supported by the Coventry Branch of the National Market Traders' Federation and should be read in conjunction with market by-laws and the terms and conditions of stallholder's tenancy/lease agreements.

Personal behaviour

Stallholders and their staff are expected to behave in a professional and socially acceptable manner at all times having regard to the interests of all traders and the market as a whole.  Verbal abuse or physical aggression will not be tolerated in any circumstances towards any customer, trader or employee of the market.

Any activity involving calling, shouting, playing music or any other action intended to attract shoppers' attention to a particular stall or group of stalls ('pitching') is not permitted under the terms of tenancy/lease agreements but may be allowed at the Market Manager's absolute discretion. If such activity, where permitted, causes nuisance or annoyance to fellow traders or customers of the market, the concession may be withdrawn without notice at the absolute discretion of the Market Manager.

Legal and local requirements

  • All stallholders must register their businesses with Trading Standards and Environmental Health and comply with their requirements. 
  • Traders must maintain an accident book and first aid kit.  
  • Stallholders are only permitted to sell the commodities confirmed to them in writing. Applications for variations to permitted commodities can be made, initially, to the Market Office. Decisions will be made within the framework set out in the stall application procedure. This document is available on request from the Market Manager. No trader will be permitted to sell reproduction firearms or weapons including knives (other than domestic cutlery), any weapon that can propel an object, fireworks, flammable liquids or gasses, counterfeit goods, drugs and offensive publications or material.  
  • It is the responsibility of all stallholders to ensure that any electrical appliance used on a stall is tested to confirm their safety in accordance with the relevant standards and to provide appropriate evidence of compliance at the Market Manager's request.

Managing the stall environment

  • All displays must be packed away inside the stall structure at the end of each day without exception.  
  • Stall extensions are not permitted under the terms of tenancy/lease agreements but may be allowed at the Market Manager's absolute discretion. Where stall extensions are permitted they will be restricted to a maximum of 15" (38 cm) projecting from the front and/or the sides of the stall. (Separate conditions exist for certain stalls and these will be detailed prior to the letting of those stalls). In the event of any abuse, the permission to erect a stall extension may be withdrawn without notice.  
  • Stallholders must not play music or display video images within the market.  
  • Stallholders are responsible for keeping the immediate area around their stall free of litter and rubbish, spillages or other hazards at all times.


Any infringements of this Code could lead to action resulting ultimately in the termination of the tenancy/lease agreement and loss of the stall(s). In the event of serious infringement of the behaviour standards set out in this Code by stallholders or their employees, or persistent minor infringement, tenancy/lease agreements may be terminated with immediate effect in order to protect the Health and Safety of all people within the Market.

Coventry Market

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