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Coventry City Council staff featured in a new Channel 4 series on children in care in the city have spoken of their pride in the youngsters and the city-wide work to help them.

​Kids is being screened in a three-part series on Channel 4 from 10-24 May.

It offers a close-up look at teenagers and their families in the care system in Coventry – and those working to help and support them.

Packed with drama and humour, the series gets up close and personal with six remarkable teenagers - and their families – in Coventry, as they enter a crucial year in their lives and prepare to leave the care system.

It also shows the social workers who help them and share their highs and lows.

Watch the trailer - https://youtu.be/0JTQq2191Sw

The first episode – to be screened on 10 May - introduces Xorin, who, after being exploited by a drugs gang as a young teen, is returning home to Coventry from a children's home in Wales to rebuild his life with mum Kelly.

The episode features Kayleigh Lloyd, a therapist with Coventry City Council.

Kayleigh admitted filming was a bit nerve-wracking, bit said the final product and the way it showed Xorin's progress made it all worthwhile.

She said: "It was exciting to get the new Reunification project on film as it has helped people return home from long-term care.

"I'm so pleased to be part of Xorin's journey and presenting this to the public. He is not the first to return home and will not be the last. "Xorin and his mum worked so hard to get together again and are doing so well. His mum has worked through her own adverse childhood experiences to support the children coming home and I am so proud to be part of something good in Coventry!

"It's great to see a positive outcome."

Another colleague who took part in the filming, Nina Sharma, a Therapeutic Practitioner with Edge Of Care, said: "I was asked to take part in the documentary due to the relationship I have with Bayley. I have been lucky enough to have known Bayley since she was 13 years old. We have been on an emotional journey together.

"Working with the Lifelong Link programme and being a member of Coventry City Council staff, I have been able to see first-hand how we as an organisation and city value the wellbeing of our young people.

"As a city we are striving to improve the life and quality of its citizens, but we feel it is paramount that the young people of the city, whatever their background and experiences, are at the forefront of what we do. I feel as an organisation we want to provide opportunity, equality, and a sense of belonging, where young people as well as all members of the city have a sense of pride knowing that we are an inclusive community that wonts to ensure that its citizens are at the centre of everything it does.

"I am honoured to be able to work for Coventry City Council and take great pride in trying to support young people and their families as they negotiate their journey through some challenging times."

If you'd like to learn more about becoming a social worker, the Council is holding an Open Evening for prospective social workers at the Council House on Thursday 25 May from 4pm – 8pm.

Why not go along and meet some of those featured in the TV show and find out more about Coventry, what we are doing, and the opportunities to join our wonderful team?

Published: Tuesday, 9th May 2023