This week’s episode of Kids features Havana moving into her own tenancy.

The focus of her story is around her exploring her identity as she transitions to adulthood. However her move is part of a Coventry success story that is helping young people prepare for life after care.

Coventry’s pioneering House Project was launched as part of a national programme in 2021 and supports young people as they build confidence and gain independence while living in their own home.

Young people leave care between the ages of 16 and 18 without the financial and emotional support of family and the House Project aims to help fill that gap.

The House Project in Coventry works with Citizen Housing to identify suitable properties and a group of around 12 young people is then given the chance to move in and learn about day to day tasks such as cooking, money and bills, personal safety and finding out how to shop smartly.

They are also helped to build links with local employers and training providers, attend conferences, hear from guest speakers and even raise money for the homeless.

On completing their year successfully, the young people have a graduation ceremony before taking their next steps towards independence.

Cllr Patricia Seaman, Cabinet Member for Children and Young People, said: “Leaving care and striking out on your own can be a daunting prospect and young people have to learn a lot of new skills very quickly.

“The House Project is a brilliant way to help them start out, as they have the support of trained social workers as well as the others on the scheme and they can build confidence and skills as they go.”

The project was highlighted on this week’s final episode of the three-part series Kids on Channel 4.

The series has attracted praise from many with its open and close-up look at teenagers and their families in the care system in Coventry – and those working to help and support them.

Programme makers worked closely with Coventry City Council’s Children’s Services to create an in-depth look at the issues facing everyone involved, and they have created a show which gives unprecedented access to those in care.

This week’s episode – at 9pm on Wednesday (24 May) will see Havana seek information on her birth father and Kane question why he went into care.

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Published: Tuesday, 23rd May 2023