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Coventry City Council’s #CovConnects Team has worked in collaboration with Barclays Digital Eagle on a new project.

Coventry City Council’s #CovConnects Team has worked in collaboration with Barclays Digital Eagles to create a bespoke learning pathway on their free learning portal - Barclays Digital Wings, with the aim of helping the Coventry residents learn essential digital skills. 

Barclays Digital Wings can help you boost your skills and confidence with modules aligned to the Essential Digital Skills Framework, which defines the skills adults need to safely benefit from, participate in and contribute to the digital world.

Courses available on the platform cover a wide range of topics and start at a foundational level. Advanced courses are available for more digitally literate users. Learners can find modules on everything from connecting to Wi-Fi to applying for jobs online.

Residents can access the platform now by visiting www.coventry.gov.uk/barclaysdigitalwings and signing up.

Cllr Richard Brown, Cabinet Member for Strategic Finance and Resources, said: “The internet is an integral part of our lives, but it can be also quite daunting if you’re not properly equipped to take advantage of it.

“A big part of tackling digital exclusion is making sure that people have the opportunity to gain confidence and learn the skills needed to effectively make use of the digital world.

“I’m delighted that we’ve been able to work with Barclays to make sure that their fantastic platform is available to our residents.”

The Council is committed to working with its partners to tackle the ongoing cost of living crisis. To this end, a number of the courses available on this free platform are designed to teach residents key skills which can be used to help their financial situation.

Cllr David Welsh, Cabinet Member for Housing and Communities, said: “These are incredibly tough financial times for so many people and as a Council we want to help where we can. The courses on this website offer some invaluable skills which can make a massive difference to your financial health. So, I would encourage everyone to have a look at what’s on offer.”

For more details on the wider cost of living work in the city, please visit www.coventry.gov.uk/costofliving

For more specifically on the Council’s digital inclusion programme, please visit www.coventry.gov.uk/covconnects

Sign up today to boost your skills with Barclays Digital Wings.

Published: Wednesday, 2nd August 2023