A picture of Cllr Christopher stood outside the front of the Council House

Coventry City Council has welcomed its first Black female councillor.

Cllr Bea Christopher was elected as a Labour councillor for Bablake Ward in the elections earlier this month – and said she was shocked when she was told of her trailblazing status.

Cllr Christopher’s parents hail from Nigeria, and she herself was born and raised in London. She relocated to Coventry 10 years ago, but now considers herself a true Coventrian.

She said: “I am still getting used to being called a councillor as it’s very early days, but I love it and I am looking forward to representing the people in my ward and across the city.

“I really was stunned on election day when I was told I am the Council’s first black female councillor, and it makes me very proud.”

“I love Coventry. It is not just a city of peace, it is a peaceful city, and it is so diverse. There are so many people here from Africa and from around the world, in many communities, and it is so friendly – I have already met more diverse people here than I ever did in all those years in London.”

Cllr Christopher was involved in Coventry’s year as UK City of Culture, working on the festival, and she works as a mindset coach, especially helping to empower women and young people. She is also a public speaker and has worked on events such as Black History Month, International Women’s Day, she is a member of Forbes BLK and recently a delegate for United Nations2024. She  is the author of two books on mindset and being an African parent.

She said she will proudly use her groundbreaking status to help and inspire others, both inside and outside the Council, after being inspired to public service by her grandfather and father.


She said: “I am giving back to people, especially women and young people.”

“My grandfather was a community leader and a serious politician in his area of Nigeria, and he passed that on to my father and myself. Our whole family is involved in local politics and helping people.

“I want to continue making a positive impact on people’s lives and make a difference.

“As a woman with a strong voice and as a black woman, I hope to help people. I want to help them to not be afraid to talk – African women don’t talk about what they are going through, and I want to give them a voice and let them know I get it and I understand them. I want women, young people, and everyone to know that they can achieve anything and to be proud of themselves.

“I want to help them live in the present, and as a part of Coventry. I want to help empower them to change their mindset and develop.”

”Being a first at anything is tough, and I know I have big expectations to live up to so I can pave the way for others, but I will work hard and do my very best, and that is all I can do.”

Cllr Christopher’s election first comes almost two years after another Coventry councillor achieved a similar milestone.

Cllr Seyi Agboola, also Labour, became the city's first ever Black African councillor when he was elected in Binley and Willenhall in June 2022. He was also the first Black councillor elected to the Council in more than 40 years.

Cllr Christopher refers to him as her mentor and said he has encouraged and helped her.


Published: Wednesday, 22nd May 2024