We are pleased to announce that we have now gone live with the One Coventry Plan. Thank you to everyone that contributed to the development of our Plan and played a key part in our new approach.  

Your views and feedback have been really important to us and your support is greatly appreciated.  

Through our One Coventry approach and the delivery of our new Plan, we will make the biggest and most impactful difference to the lives of Coventry people. 

The One Coventry Plan 2022 – 2030 is reflective of the emerging priorities for the Council, residents, local communities and the city for the coming years. 

The Plan has a clear vision: One Coventry - Working together to improve our city and the lives of those who live, work and study here” 

The three delivery priorities:  

  • Improving outcomes and tackling inequalities within our communities  
  • Improving the economic prosperity of the city and regions  
  • Tackling the causes and consequences of climate change  

The two enabling priorities:  

  • Continued financial sustainability of the Council
  • Council’s role as a partner, enabler and leader 

Visit Let’s Talk Coventry to learn more about the priorities, see how your feedback has made a difference and to continue to be involved in conversations.

One Coventry plan cover

One Coventry Plan 2022-2030

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