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Parenting support in Coventry

The Positive Parenting Team provide a wide range of parenting support for all Coventry families. This may be for families planning ahead who are experiencing no difficulties, to families who are experiencing day to day difficulties with relationships, behaviours, feelings or confidence.

We organise and coordinate programmes for parents and carers in Coventry. These are accessible for all parents, carers, grandparents, foster carers, connected persons and special guardians. All programmes are free and we offer limited crèche support for some group programmes.

The programmes can be accessed face-to-face at various venues across the city or virtually via Microsoft Teams. Parents can make a request for a programme or a professional can refer on their behalf.

To get even more information on parenting in Coventry, you can read the Coventry Parenting Strategy.

Five to Thrive

Every day brings many opportunities to give children and young people the emotional nurture they need to develop healthy brains. Emotional nurture (five to thrive) feeds the brain, just as physical nurture (five a day) feeds the body.

The Five to Thrive Approach is based on a set of five key activities that are the building blocks of healthy brains and emotional development.Respond, cuddle, relax, play, talk

Find out more about Five to Thrive in Coventry.

The Solihull Approach

We also have an exciting new offer of courses for parents and carers online via The Solihull Approach:

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Access the Online Solihull Approach Courses for parents

Register using the free access code: SPIRES3

Positive Parenting

You can contact us Monday to Friday 8:30am - 4:30pm with any enquiries: freephone 0800 4346127.

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