Impact and outcomes

The Pod, Coventry’s national award-winning mental health service, is committed to working in a collaborative and personalised way. Each year we work directly with 180 people referred to us by care co-ordinators. However, as a public-facing service our footfall exceeds 15,000 – this is important as it provides the impetus for collaboration, co-production, connectivity and partnership – recovery and regeneration are intertwined.

There is extensive qualitative and quantitative evidence in regards to the outcomes achieved through this way of working, with clear evidence of less service dependency for people and a reduced number of readmissions into acute mental health services and reliance on outpatient appointments or other supportive health services.

The Pod

Development Workers are available for appointments between the hours of 8:30am to 4:30pm Monday to Friday. The Pod Café is open Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday 12pm to 3pm.

Address: The Pod
31 Far Gosford Street