If you have concerns that an individual of any age could be being radicalised; is becoming involved/supporting extremism or terrorism, then these concerns should be shared to ensure appropriate support can be provided to safeguard the individual.

You can check your concerns with your Safeguarding Lead or Prevent team.

Referrals should be submitted using the Prevent referral form.

If you require any advice or support with completing the form, you can contact the Prevent team.

After your referral has been submitted


  • The information provided in your referral form will be assessed.
  • If appropriate, the referral will progress.


  • You will only be contacted for further information if required


  1. The multi-agency Channel Panel will discuss how the referred person can best be supported.
  2. Referred person will give consent to receive support.
  3. Bespoke Channel Support and Intervention Panel is implemented.
  4. 6 month and 12 month post-support reviews held.