Land Charges are searches of property history. They take place when a property is changing hands, usually by solicitors acting on behalf of the purchasers. Searches are submitted to us and we provide information about planning applications, building regulation applications, enforcement activity, conditions or other charges on the property or land being sold.

Request a property history search

You can submit multiple searches (of different types, including adding Part 2 questions), attach plan/s, request copies of Section 220 Notices or Section 38 Agreements and calculate the overall fee to make one payment online.

All search requests need to be accompanied by a plan, with the boundary of the land in question marked in red. Plans are not required for copy notice or agreement requests.

Request and pay for standard searches or copy notices/agreements

Local land charges

Please note, our fees have increased as of 1 April 2024. 

Standard search fee: Covers search enquiries an LLC1 and Con29 for one unit of property or parcel of land:

  • Domestic property: £159.40
  • Commercial property: £208.60

For a Con29 Only:

  • Domestic property: £134.40
  • Commercial property: £183

Optional - Con29O

Where relating to one parcel of land only or to several parcels (as above-mentioned) and delivered on a single form:

  • For each printed enquiry numbered in the form: £29.20

Other fees

  • LLC1 only: £25
  • Extra parcel: £31.20
  • Copy of Section 220 Notice: £27.60
  • Copy of Section 38 Agreement: £81.60

Records and land charges

Address: Council House
Earl Street

Telephone: 024 7527 0949